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A culinary experience like no other, a true fusion of the widest palette of Eastern European flavours greets you at Stroganoff Restaurant. Indulge your senses in our upscale location with familiar aromas and modern takes on classic dishes. Join us at Stroganoff Restaurant and experience a new standard in European cuisine.

Weekly Specials

Indulge yourself in our weekly specials that occur every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fresh Ingredient

Handpicked and freshly cut ingredients straight from the local market and to your plate.

Tasty Meals

Enjoy the finest Stroganoff has to offer with delicious and rich flavours with each bite.

Friendly Service

Enjoy your stay while you are being served by our friendly staff to make sure your meal is of its finest.

Unique Environment

Our restaurant is designed to uniquely compliment our mouthwatering delicacies.

Locally Owned

Being locally owned allows us to control the quality of service as well as food to make sure that your meal is prepared to perfection every single time.

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